Rwanda Sister Parish

The Lutheran Church in Rwanda
Matimba Parish
Advent is the sister congregation to the Matimba Parish in eastern Rwanda. The parish started in February 2007. It has one congregation with 115 members. Matimba is a trading 
center with a main road from Kigali to the Ugandan border.

Pastor Twesigi George is the new Pastor replacing Pastor Ruhinda Theonest. He is the Pastor at Matimba but also the pastor of 2 other parishes as well. 

Here is an excerpt from his letter of introduction.
 "I am married with 3 orphans, Mugarura Geoffrey, Murungi Justin, Mwebaze William. We are renewing our church buildings but it is hard work. We have another congregation it is called Bwera but it has no building we worship (under) the tent and 3rd congregation we worship under the tree. We need your prayers always.
may the grace of our Lord be with you.
Yours in Christ.
George Twesigye
Letter from Pastor George to Advent: 

"Today and Yesterday, we planted 3,000 trees throughout Rwanda. We planted around 400 in Bwera, and 2,600 in Matimba. This is through a project of the Lutheran Church in Rwanda to preserve the environment and to be stewards of God's Earth. Here are some photos from the days."
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Dylan visited Rwanda with a group of youth from the U.S. and met Robin Strickler, head of a high school in Rwanda near our sister parish.  Her visit to Advent brought news of their activities.

Our Youth led a drive to collect Soccer balls for shipment to our sister parish in Rwanda.
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